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CM Siddaramaiah flown out of the exit poll, say - ambush Sunday

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Narendra Modi's statesmanly Independence Day speech marks a tectonic shift from old BJP-RSS formula

Sometime around 1990, when the then Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Lal Krishna Advani made a big push for the party's run to power, in his Rath Yatra to build a Ram Temple in Ayodhya, RSS ideologue KN Govindacharya used to say: "We are not the alternative to Congress. We are the next Congress." Both Advani and Govindacharya have substantially been relegated to the background in the BJP these days, but what the latter said then rang significantly true on Wednesday, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his fifth Independence Day address.

One Nation, One Poll: Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat says more VVPAT machines needed for simultaneous elections

A day after BJP president Amit Shah wrote to the Law Commission of India in favour of 'One Nation, One Poll', Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) OP Rawat said on Tuesday that holding 11 Assembly polls simultaneously with Lok Sabha elections would not be possible. According to CNN-News18, Rawat said that there are not enough VVPAT machines for simultaneous polls. The Law Commission is set to present a report on the issue by the end of August.

Dissidence brews in DMK: Stalin shouldn't fear Alagiri's legacy claims, but needs to tread path with caution

The first time I saw MK Stalin was in 1989 in Madras, as Chennai was then called. It was at an election meeting in the Thousand Lights Assembly constituency where he was the DMK candidate. I was intrigued by the names of both the constituency and the candidate. I was told that the place got its name from a mosque that is lit with a thousand lights during Muharram every year, but as is common in Tamil Nadu, there is no complete unanimity about the origin of this name.

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