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  • 19-05-06
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Aam Aadmi Party in shock, MLA Devendra Sehrawat collaborates with BJP

AAP MLA Anil Vajpayee has recently joined BJP and now MLA Devendra Sahrawat is also moving to BJP.

Arvind Kejriwal had given a statement sometimes ago that many MLAs of Aam-Aadmi Party were moving to join BJP.

Bijavasan MLA Devendra Sahrawat said in an interview that while being MLA in AAP, he has faced many difficulties.

He also said that the people of his area want him to leave AAP. Therefore, he is joining the BJP as per people’s decision.

At the same time, Devendra Sahrao also pointed on Arvind Kejriwal and said that he is not paying attention to Bijavasan.

In addition to these, Devendra also disclosed that many unhappy MLAs and MLAs are yet to join BJP in the coming days.

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