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  • 19-05-13
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Amit Shah challenges Mamata Banerjee after the cancellation of his rally

This morning, BJP president Amit Shah had to rally in West Bengal but his permission was canceled.

In response to this incident, while addressing the public meeting in Jaynagar, he also gave some tangle and a direct challenge to Mamta Banerjee.

He said that Mamta Didi I saying Jai Shree Ram, I will also go to Calcutta. If you have courage, then arrest me.

On Tuesday, Amit Shah has to be present for the roadshow in Kolkata.

Amit Shah also said that Mamata Banerjee is afraid of PM Modi’s popularity. That's why she does not let his plans reach the public.

At the same time, Amit Shah also accused the Mamta Government of not doing any work for the development of Bengal.

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