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  • 19-06-03
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Arvind Kejriwal made travel free in Delhi Metro and bus for women

After the defeat in Delhi Lok Sabha, Arvind Kejriwal's look is now on the 2020 assembly election.

Kejriwal has tried to bring women voters towards him to ensure his victory in the assembly.

Under this, Kejriwal made traveling free of cost for women in Delhi Metro and buses.

Announcing the scheme, Kejriwal said that the service will start in the next two to three months.

At the same time, Kejriwal has also said that subsidy is not compulsory; women who are capable of taking tickets can buy tickets.

There are 64 million female voters in Delhi's 1.43 crore voters. In such a scenario, this step is being considered very important from the eyes of the assembly elections.

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