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Capt Amarinder Singh accepted Sidhu's resignation; he is now out of the Punjab cabinet

On July 15, Navjot Singh Sidhu, after pausing all speculation, resigned himself to Chief Minister Amarinder Singh Captain.

Amarinder Singh accepted his resignation and sent the resignation to the governor, putting the last stamp on it today.

After the controversy with Amarinder Singh on July 14, Sidhu gave his resignation and shared the news on Twitter.

He wrote that my resignation had gone to Congress President Rahul Gandhi on July 10. At the same time he wrote that I will send my resignation to the Chief Minister of Punjab too.

After the reorganization of the cabinet, Navjot Singh Sidhu got his hand on the power department. However, he refused to accept the post.

At the same time he says that he was charged for defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, due to which he decided to resign.

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