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  • 27-02-2019
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India Gives a Reply to Pakistan, Pakistani F-16 Aircraft Dashed

Activities in Pakistan are increased after the action of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot. Pakistan has now come down on the cowardly movements. Pakistan's 3 F-16 aircraft entered the Indian Territory and dropped bombs at 4 places. India also responded to Pakistan and killed Pakistan's F-16.

Pakistan's 3 F-16 jets entered Bimbar of Naushera Sector and dropped rockets at Nadian, Lam Jangar, Keri and Hamirpur. Indian Air Force killed Pakistan's F-16 in Lam Valley.

Pakistan bought the F-16 aircraft from the US. F-16 is a single-engine plane. On the other hand, the Pakistan army is claiming that Pakistan has demolished two Indian planes. The Pak army says that they have captured a pilot alive, while another pilot is hidden. However, India has said this to be a rumor.

India took major action in Balakot in Pakistan and destroyed many hideouts of terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. 300 Indians are likely to be killed in this action. Now Pakistan is violating the siege fire on the LoC. India is also giving a response to Pakistan.

At the same time, the news is coming that ISI has issued orders to the terrorists. Important cities of many cities including Delhi are on the target of terrorists.

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