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  • 19-05-23
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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Once again 'Modi' wave in India

Like the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, once again in 2019, Modi wave was witnessed across the country.

According to the exit poll, PM Modi managed to get more than 300 seats this time.

There was some impact of the Modi wave because of that Rahul Gandhi had to lose to Smriti Irani at Amethi seat, which was called the Congress stronghold.

In one of his press discussions, Rahul Gandhi, conceding Congress and its defeat, asked Smriti Irani to serve the people of Amethi.

There is also the news that Rahul Gandhi has decided to give up the president position of Congress and this week he will also make a meeting in this context.

In a press conference, PM Modi said that this election has not won any leader or party but the people have won.

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