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  • 19-08-26
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P. Chidambaram's petition stuck in the middle, CJI has not got approval yet

P. Chidambaram was in CBI remand for the last few days due to INX media case. His release petition was going to be heard today.

However, he suffered a setback even before the hearing took place. His petition has not yet been included in the court list.

Chidambaram's petition has not yet received the approval of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. For this reason, his case has not yet been included in the list.

Two petitions have been filed in the court for the arrest of P. Chidambaram, while a petition has been filed against the arrest.

The CBI's petitions have been included in the list for today's hearing, but Chidambaram's petition is caught in the middle of the whirlpool.

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