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  • 19-07-22
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Priyanka Gandhi to decide on future of Navjot Singh Sidhu in Congress

•After Captain Amarinder Singh accepted Navjot Singh Sidhu's resignation, Sidhu has come out of Punjab Cabinet.

•Now there is confusion in Punjab politics that Sidhu's separate move after resignation is what will happen.

•There are reports that Sidhu's political future is now at the hands of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi.

•There are reports that Sidhu will remain in the Congress now and he will be given new responsibilities on behalf of the party.

•Following Rahul Gandhi's resignation, Priyanka Gandhi has been given the command of the party. It is believed that he will not let Sidhu go to the party.

•Now, in the coming days, it will be known that after all, Sidhu's political career will turn back.

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