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  • 19-05-22
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Rahul Gandhi's message to Congress workers, said next 24 hours are important, do not fear

There is not much time left in the results of Lok Sabha elections. There is a stir everywhere in this way.

Opposition parties are constantly being questioned on EVMs. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi has asked his workers to be alert.

Through Twitter, Rahul has conveyed the message to the workers that the dear workers of the Congress Party the next 24 hours are important. Be alert. Do not get scared You are fighting for the truth. Do not be disappointed with the false propaganda of fake exit polls. Believe in yourself and the Congress party, your hard work will not be lost.

Through his tweets, Rahul assured the workers that their hard work would not be wasted.

Not just Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi also released an audio in which she the party workers to be patient.

All political parties are waiting for the date 23 May. After the results of the exit poll, this dissonance is seen to be even more visible to know the results.

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